Natural Beauty


An exploration on how music seduces and soothes, the similarities we share with it and it relationship with people.

Director: Cadenza Zhao

Starring: Mélodie Zhao

Camerawoman: Cadenza Zhao

Editor: Cadenza Zhao

Vive l'Amour!


A story about the inexistence of love in a dating-apps controlled world. 

A young woman longing for real traditional love faces the perplexity of the modern lover and gets caught in the whirlwind of online dating.

Premiered at GRRL HAUS CINEMA film festival in Berlin, Germany, 14.02.2020



A young Asian girl is racially bullied everyday by her all-White classmates. She tries her best to ignore them and takes refuge in her art. But when they push her over the limit, she responds unexpectedly.

Premiered at Kino Berlino, 31.01.2019


New showreel coming soon...

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